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At Dog-E-Clips pays special attention to our furry clients and do our best to make their grooming experience a positive one.

I make sure to be gentle and our dogs are hand dried to make sure that they get the attention that they deserve. Being a pet owner, I understand that every dog may have a different need and I will accommodate them to the best of my ability.

At Dog-E-Clips no heat is used to dry your dogs. Heat will dehydrate your dog as well as dry the skin causing itchiness. DOG-E-CLIPS uses a force air system that has no heating element which does not dehydrate your dog or dry out his/her skin. This is a system that is much safer and far better for your dog.

Grooming Services

Flea baths

Here at Dog -E- Clips, we guarantee to provide your dog with the best care while they are with us.

Hand scissoring

We are all exceptional at handling a wide variety of sizes, temperaments, and ages, and have the experience and ability.

Medicated baths

The service is tailored for each pet that is in our care. We look forward to serving you and your pet with the comprehensive, compassionate care you need.

Dog-E-Clips provides pet grooming in the Milton area, we treat your pets with the utmost care. Read More

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